416 Area Code For Sale

416 Area Code For Sale

The North American Numbering Plan for Toronto (Ontario, Canada) includes the telephone area codes 647 and 416. You can also use other area codes (NPA) to create an overlay numbering system.

 Bell Canada is a dominant local exchange carrier within the 416 area allocated to a growing mobile market as well as local exchange providers Prepaid Mall and Lets Dial such as voice-over IP gateways and cable.


 Rogers, Telus and other local exchange providers offer competitive rates for 416. These numbers are similar to the 312 area codes in New York City and Chicago respectively. The evolution area codes in Ontario, southwestern Quebec The first manual telephone exchanges in Toronto were identified by a name and four-digit blocks.

The area code 416 was split twice. The area code 416’s western portion (including Kitchener), was split twice in 1953. This created the area codes 714 area code and 760 area code. This arrangement has remained the same for over 40 years.


Canada’s inefficient numbers allocation system and Canada’s continued growth meant 416 were at the edge of exhaustion. Rapid growth has meant many numbers have been used quickly.

Due to the rapid growth of the GTA and the proliferation of cell phones, pagers and fax machines, it was obvious that another area code was required. Metropolitan Toronto was granted the area code 416 in 1993. This is because numbers were transferred from Toronto’s smaller rates centers to the Golden Horseshoe.


After the 1998 merger between Metro Toronto and Toronto 416 became Canada’s only area code that serves a single rate center. This is the most in Canada.

The 1993 division was intended to solve Canada’s largest free-tolle area. It would have been difficult to split Toronto, which is a single-rate centre.

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