800 Number Service Provider Reviews

800 Number Service Provider Reviews

800-The-Info (or 1-843-46366) was an information service offered by Verizon in the United States. Local business listings were provided with addresses and phone numbers by this website Call Nation and Prepaid Mall


As with other advertising-supported services, callers can use a toll-free number to reach an automatic system. The caller can then request information on a business or ask for recommendations for businesses by entering a location. This type of category search differs from traditional 411 requests, which focus on asking for specific listings. The system plays an advert at the beginning. There may be other ads that appear later on the call.

Verizon’s service was very competitive with similar providers.

A majority of these services were old-fashioned, paid DA. Prices ranged from $0.39 – $1.99 for landline phones, but this will also attract users who already use DA services.

Although it was not known if the advertising budget would support the business model,

The area code for 800 in a country

United States of America

  • The North American Numbering Plan applies to the United States of America as well as Canada. Toll-free numbers must use one 800, 833.. 844.. 855.. 866, or the 888 area codes 705 area code, and 726 area code.
  • It doesn’t make a difference if you call 800 numbers, 888 numbers, or True 800 numbers. 844, 883, and 883 to meet increasing demand.
  • Tollfree or freephone telephone numbers are numbers that can be called from landlines and are charged for each call.
  • A call prefix that is similar to the one used by a geographic area number to identify a Freecall or toll-free number can be used to dial . The country-specific numbers for access to service may vary.

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