Are 800 Numbers Free In Singapore

Are 800 Numbers Free In Singapore

The Info communications Media Development Agency (IMDA), manages Singapore’s telephone numbers. All numbers belong in one area, so they are all 8-digits alike. There are ten possible types of Ajoxi and Call Nation.

Before 1985, subscribers to Singapore had phone numbers that were between five and six characters in length. As fixed line growth increased, 5-digit and 6-digit numbers became popular in the 1960s. In 1965, however these numbers were changed to seven digits due to the emergence of new cities such as Tampines, Tampine, Jurong East, Bukit Batok and a lot more.

8-digit mobile phone numbers began with the digit 8 as a response to rising mobile phone numbers in Singapore in March 2004.

2005 was the year that Infocomm Development Agency (the regulating body at the time) established a policy framework to support IP telephony services. These 8-digit numbers started with the digit 3 and go up to 8-digits.

Calls to Malaysian or Indonesian Border Towns

Singapore to Malaysia calls were straight and comparable to domestic phone calls. Only the area codes for fixed lines and Malaysian mobile numbers were needed. 03 for Kuala Lumpur mobile phone line and 019 Celcom cell carrier were used instead of +60 3 or +60 19. The Subscriber Trunk dialing prefix 020 was introduced in 1995 to address differences in the numbering schemes. It is followed by an area number, excluding the leading zero, and then finally the subscriber numbers by 716 area code and 763 area code.

For calls to Batam in Indonesia, 011 suffices. The area codes (minus “0”) and subscriber numbers must be followed by this code. For example, to call Batam, Singapore from Singapore, the subscriber should dial 011-778xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Numerical ranges

  • 3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Corporate VoIP Telephony Services/VOIP number numbers.
  • 6xxxxxxxxxxxx – Public Switched Telephone Network, PSTN and Residential IP Telephony Services
  • 8xxxxxxxxxxx
  • 9yxxxxxx Mobile Data Services (Pagers still available up until May 2012).

Numerous special services

  • 800 xxx xxxx – Toll-free international services
  • 1800 xxxxxxxxxxxx : Toll-free domestic call (Free if calling from a landline) These services can also be used as toll numbers. Simply replace ‘1800xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with?+65 6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
  • 1900 xxx xxxx – Premium rate services
  • 0xx = International access codes
  • 13xx Voicemails
  • 16xx – Service providers’ customer services
  • 1777 – Non-Emergency Ambulance
  • 18xx International Calling Card Access Numbers
  • 993 – Ministry of Health’s emergency response service for COVID-19 patients. It was used previously for H1N1 cases and SARS cases.
  • 995: Singapore Civil Defence Force Fire or Emergency Ambulance
  • 999 – Police
  • X is a symbol that represents 0-9
  • Y refers to 0-8 only

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