British Toll Free Numbers

British Toll-Free Numbers

A toll-free number is also known as a freephone number. Toll-free calls are made from any landline phone. Toll-free, freephone 0120, 800 0800. 888.877.866.866.844.833. A dialing prefix can be thought of as a geographical code provide by this website Call Nation and Ajoxi.

Since telephone networks have moved from electro-mechanical switch switches to fully computerized stored-programm-controlled networks, the features and benefits of toll-free service evolved.

The original charge must be paid by the operator at the remote number. Calls from collectors were limited to small companies and government offices. Both callers and operators both found it difficult.

Toll-free systems

  • Operator-assisted toll-free calling can be demonstrated by the Zenith telephone number. This number was introduced in America and Canada in 1960.
  • Both systems were similar in concept. Certain areas might use the “Enterprise”, and even the “WX” to replace Zenith. They can still get a free number that has five digits and an Enterprise number.
  • In either case, the operator will find the number in the phone book that corresponds to the call and dial it.
  • A Zenith number could also be accessed from any location in the area. This number was available in all areas where the subscriber was willing and able to pay inbound call charges.
  • The Office of Communications in Britain manages telephone number management. Ofcom has developed a system to assign telephone numbers for subscribers by 712 area code and 747 area code.
  • Numbers can be variable in length. They are also accessible from landlines.


Most mobile numbers, geo-located or not, use 10 national (significant), numbers that follow the “0 trunk code. The UK has the following structure in place for its National Numbering Plan.

Prefix type service

International 00 01 Geo area codes 2002 Geographical area codes were created. 03 nongeographic numbers are subject to the standard geo area codes rate (introduced 2007,2007). 04 Not in use 05 Corporate numbering and VoIP services; Toll-Free Services (0500). 06 Not in use 07 Personal Telephony (071xx/-075xx/077xx/-079xx), Telephone Numbering (070xx), Non UK Wireless Networks (07624), and Pagers (1756xx). 08 Toll free service (080x), special rates (084x, or 087x) 09 Premium rate services You will get this website get a free Dubai phone number and click it.

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