Get Free Dubai Phone Number

Get a Free Dubai Phone Number

United Arab Emirates (UAE), uses closed numbering systems. ITU-T provides UAE with an internationally dialing code of +971 Qatar uses a format called “800”XXXX. Before 2000 Subscriber numbers contained 5 to 6 digits. A combined area code/subscriber number comprised seven digits. Dubai’s overall architecture can be described as: 01 Al Karama 02 Abu Dhabi 03 Al Ain 04 Dubai 06 Sharjah, Ajman and Umm al-Quwain 07 Ras Al Khaimah 09 Fujairah.

The mobile numbers begin with:

050 cell phones (Etisalat) 052 cell phones (Du) Cell phones, Etisalat 055 cell phones (Du) 056 cell phones (Etisalat) 058 mobile phones (Du/Virgin Mobile). These numbers may be used to contact emergency services in the UAE 999 – Emergency Police 901 – Police (non-emergency)[citation needed] 998 – Ambulance 997 – Fire Department(Civil Defence). Coast Guard 991- Electricity failure (DEWA). 922 – To prevent water loss (DEWA).

Special numbers

These seven-digit special numbers don’t have an area code 710 area code and 743 area code. Any location can be called at local call rates with 6-10-digit numbers prefixed using 13 (one and three), 1300 (colloquially one-hundred), or 1301 (colloquially one-hundred).

  • All calls to 13 number are subject to a “connection fee”.
  • 13 or 1300 numbers often “smart routed”, to local outlets for fast-food restaurants and chain stores.
  • 13 Numbers (1300 number, 1800 number) may be transferred by different telecommunications providers around Australia.
  • 13 numbers are considered premium numbers and can attract charges from Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), of approximately $10,000 per calendar month.
  • ACMA auctions premium numbers often. These keypad letters spell out a particular word.

Mobile telephones

The standard per-minute rate for mobile calls is $12, 1800 or more with some predatory charges. Organizations may provide a number for landlines on their websites. However, it might be difficult to locate.

The Smart Routed 1800 and 13(00) numbers may no longer work for mobile devices.

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