Pakistan Phone Number App

Pakistan Phone Number App

Pakistan’s telephone numbers are ten digits long. Pakistan, also known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a country in South Asia. It covers an area of 881-913 square kilometers (320 509 cubic miles). The coastline extends 1,036 kilometers (650 miles), along the Gulf of Oman’s south. India lies to its east, Afghanistan to its west, Iran, Southwest, China, and northeast. Tajikistan can be reached only through Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor. Oman shares maritime borders. Pakistan hosts many ancient cultures. Pakistan was the birthplace of multiple empires.

Fixed Landline Number

Pakistani area code numbers have between two and five numbers. A two-digit code is a standard for large cities in area code and 682 area code 719 area code. It is quite common to write with xx as the area code. The 0 prefix refers to trunk (long-distance dialling) from within the country. International callers can dialĀ  All mobile phone codes start at 03. all of which are covered under mobile code 0345. International callers can dial +92 if they wish to reach Pakistan from outside Pakistan. To reach the same number in Pakistan, dial


For all calls to land lines in Pakistan from a mobile phone in Pakistan, the city code must be entered. City code is not required when calling landline numbers within the same city. To call a number on a landline that is numbered. To call this number, however, from another landline in another city or from a cell phone anywhere (same town or other city), They have area codes for Wholesales VoIP Call Nation and Prepaid Mall.

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Pakistani mobile code. Pakistani mobile numbers are where X refers to the single letter code of a specific operator of mobile phones and Z- the local number for any Land Line or mobile phone. you can also read our blog about 800 number USA.

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